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Cedar Mount Host the 4th Round of the FA Cup Draw
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12th January 2018

There was a buzz of excitement and anticipation this week when Cedar Mount had the honour of hosting the fourth round of the Women’s FA Cup draw. Pupils packed into the theatre to watch the live event unfold. Year 9 pupils, Blumartha and Jainaba completed the envious task of drawing the numbered balls from the infamous velvet bag while Keira Walsh and Georgia Stanway from Man City Women waited anxiously to see who they would face in the next round. As the clocked ticked, City were pulled from the bag and then…..’Brighton’, a huge cheer erupted around the theatre.

A lively question and answer session followed where pupils asked the girls who inspired them, how often they trained, what had they sacrificed and finally the proudest moment of their career, looking at each other they both smiled and agreed nothing compared to wearing an England shirt and representing your country for the first time however a close second had to be scoring a winning goal and lifting the cup as ladies league champions.

After lunch Keira and Georgia took part in a training session with the girls football team and offered advice on how to tackle, kick, dribble and score a goal. Blumartha, Jainaba  and Miss Bennett were whisked off for interviews with the press who asked them about their experience at meeting the girls from City Women and being involved in the draw, both were super confident in front of the camera!

Read more about the day by clicking here and watch footage from the day here


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