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29th May 2018

Last week two of our students were invited by Debate Mate to take part in a show debate at Equilibrium, a wealth management company in Alderley Park. Mollie and Tafara were selected to represent the Academy and the Debate Mate secondary schools’ programme in front of an auditorium full of Equilibriums partners and investors. Mollie and Tafara were split up and a little apprehensive about only meeting their squad-mates on the day – they need not have worried! They were each paired up with great students from our neighbours, Plymouth Grove Primary whose eloquence, drive and enthusiasm really shone through in preparations and in the debate itself. They also had some back-up from with two fantastic Debate Mate mentors to round of the squads of three. We got down to business: “This House Believes the Rich Should Pay More Tax Than They Already Do”. The proposition and opposition were so very convincing that the audience vote was too close to call – twice! Eventually the opposition emerged victorious but only by a very narrow margin! Mollie and Tafara gave stellar performances and were outstanding ambassadors to the Academy.