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8th May 2018

If you’re into films then the best place to be every Wednesday Is Miss Morris’ room, every month she introduces a new ‘Film of the Month’ to students who want something a bit different to your run of the mill ‘chic flic’. This month she introduced us to ‘The Freedom Writers’ a film about a dedicated teacher in a racially divided school in LA during the early 90’s which centres around a teachers struggle to teach teenagers deemed incapable of learning. Instead of giving up she inspires her students to keep a diary hence the title ‘the Freedom Writers’. After watching the film, Miss Morris bought copies of the book for pupils to read which lead to her skyping one of the freedom writers, Sue Ellen Alpizar!

Sue Ellen started the call by telling everyone about a more personal insight into her life story. She had grown up with her two abusive parents and a poorly older brother, during her academic years she was constantly told she was stupid, useless and surrounded by negativity. At the age of 14 her dad left the family home and Sue became homeless with her mum and sick brother who sadly passed away, it was at this point, Sue explained to students, that she made the decision to change her life and return to school – it was here she met Miss G the teacher who transformed her life!

It was such an honour to hear her story first hand and ask questions about her life and seek advice on struggles in school, her emotional responses touched our hearts but one piece of advice we all took away was that people may say negative things and try their hardest to make you feel worthless but your decision is the only one that matters and that can change your whole life. She went on to explain writing helped her overcome suicidal thoughts, she lives life the best she can and hopefully accomplishes everything she puts her mind to, the skype call ended with pictures taken with Sue Ellen and a great big thanks to Sue and Miss Morris. Everyone left film club inspired, a little choked with tears and vowing to look at the world differently