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Alliance for Learning

Key Stage 3

 Year 7

Students are introduced to Careers and Enterprise in Year 7.

Enterprise education provides students with the unique opportunity to develop valuable skills in the business world. Whether students plan for a career in medicine to fashion design, these foundation skills are crucial in becoming, not only a successful young entrepreneur, but also a creative and innovative individual.

Throughout the school year, there will be exciting events and opportunities for the students to engage with inspirational business people, partake in Enterprise Education seminars and learn firsthand through running their very own business.

One of the main events of the year will be the charity market. The CMA tradition has proven to be a great success and has helped budding business women to showcase their entrepreneurial talent!

Year 8

Year 8 students are introduced to the ‘Real Game’ – an interactive way of introducing students to real life! They look at the world of money by exploring jobs and the economy and various social and moral dilemmas.

Students are introduced to the Careers Room and are invited to use any of the facilities during lunchtimes, breaks, before and after school.

Year 9

Parents and students will be invited to attend the Year 9 Options Evening where they can find out more about what options CMA has to offer at Key Stage 4. Subjects chosen to study for GCSE can influence and shape the career path of the future. If students already have a strong direction of which careers path to take, then they will need to consider which subjects will help them to get there.

Year 9 students will first be introduced to the Careers Connect advisor, they will hear what advice they can give and how they can reinforce option choices and understand the importance of those things to be considered.