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Student Leadership Team

Cedar Mount are pleased to introduce the new Student Council. There were some very impressive candidates who all gave a good account of themselves.  It was overwhelming to see how many students are committed towards making our academy a better place and are dedicated towards driving school improvement. For the students not elected as Head Boy & Girl there was an opportunity to head up other divisions of the STLT and take on a role of responsibility within the wider student council.  Year captains, environmental reps and values ambassadors were appointed as they play an integral part of life at Cedar Mount Academy. A school is nothing if it doesn’t listen to its students and act on their ideas and this is exactly what we do at Cedar Mount. The Student Leadership Team voice the ideas of the entire student body to the Senior Leadership Team and ensure that students’ ideas are considered in decisions made within the school. They set out to be excellent role models and encourage others to do the same.

Elijah Kalambayi &  Aaminah Afzal Head Boy & Girl
 Callum Hadfield &  Aliza Naeem Deputy Head Boy & Girl
Matthew Farragher  &  Antonica Henry Year 8 Captain
Irmantas Jomantas & Sacha Heeney Year 9 Captain
Samuel Bamidele & Mia Bjedov Year 10 Captain
Usman Saleem & Otega Van Der Bij  Year 8 Environmental Reps
 Ricardo Tucker & Sahara Hayat Year 9 Environmental Reps
Tristan Bhowmick Banik & Mollie Rolland Year 10 Environmental Reps
Jamal Al Hussain & Sheleigh Wright Year 11 Environmental Reps
Ellena Rai, Alisha Rezak, Gabriella Mensah, Joud Al Hussain, Aya Ahmad & Isaiah Shebioba Year 10 Values Ambassadors
Amina Hassan, Joel Shebioba, Jessica Saki, Michael Boateng Arkoh, Erika Sarker & Prudencia Miloko Year 11 Values Ambassadors