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Performing Arts

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 students receive one lesson per week, which is taught in tutor groups. Whilst many students may have experienced Performing Arts in their primary schools, many have not been taught it as a separate subject. Therefore from Year 7, we provide a foundation course that covers basic skills to give students the opportunity to attend a theatre trip in each year.

Homework is set once a fortnight and is set in a variety of formats. We aim to set at least one written task per half-term – which will include creative writing tasks such as: script writing, in-role character writing, news articles – with the remainder being creative but in non-written formats – e.g. thinking tasks, observational tasks or practical tasks. Students are expected to discuss these tasks in lesson times and provide proof that they have completed the tasks.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, Performing Arts is taught in option block groups, with three lessons a week. We build upon the confidence gained in Key Stage 3 in both students’ confidence as performers, and as individuals with opinions and analysis skills.

With GCSE examination criteria in mind, they will explore issue based work, texts and further their performance skills. In Year 10 they will complete mock examinations of all 3 GCSE papers, with the relevant coursework, in preparation for the examination process in Year 11.

Regular teacher assessment, with targets for improvement, are given throughout the year and students are encouraged to self-evaluate.