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Meet the new Student Leadership Team 18/19
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14th May 2018

With the current Year 11 students studying hard for their GCSE exams it’s time to put in place our brand new Student Leadership Team 18. The process, led by Mrs Watson & Mr Mellen involved students submitting letters of application as well as being interviewed before being awarded their new roles. We are delighted to introduce the new Head Boy and Head Girl, Samuel & Mia along with their Deputies, Abu Bakkar, Ellena, Mollie & Senior Prefects, Joud, Aya, Isaiah & Ashkan. Mr Mellen & the staff would like to thank last year’s brilliant team, Elijah, Callum, Aliza & Aaminah for all they have done to represent CMA over the last twelve months. You’ve been amazing! They plan to hand over the baton at the end of the exam season. We have every confidence this group of mature and confident individuals will do a great job in the coming year. Good Luck!