Bright Futures Educational Trust offers a quality education that guarantees choices for every one of our pupils. We are passionate about offering a world-class education that means every single student reaches their full potential.
Bright Futures Educational Trust
Alliance for Learning

Our Staff

 Teaching Staff

Staff Name Responsibility
Reshaad Al Ghailani Head of Humanities
Hammad Ali Teacher of Maths
Naheed Ali Teacher in Alternative Provision
Katie Austin Teacher of Religious Studies & Citizenship (NQT)
Karen Bailey Teacher of MFL
Hannah Barlow Lead English Teacher
Michelle Bennett Associate Assistant Vice Principal & Head of PE
Melissa Boyd Teacher of English (NQT)
John Booth Teacher of Geography
Ashley Burkitt Progress Leader Year 11 / Teacher of Science
Sarah Bushell Teacher of History (NQT)
Jayshree Butler Teacher of English (NQT)
Nicola Carson Assistant Vice Principal / SENCO
Tonia Chetwood Head of Art
Lisa Croft Teacher of Business & Enterprise
Christian Cummings Teacher of Science
Jodie Desideri Teacher of Geography (NQT)
Claude Dillon Teacher of English
Nicola Doherty Second in English
Ruth Ford Teacher of English
Souadia El Khaddar Head of MFL
Daniel Gibson Assistant Vice Principal
Angela Gill Progress Leader Year  9 / Teacher of PE
Ryan Gribbin Teacher of Maths
Vijay Gupta Teacher of Maths (NQT)
Verity Harrison Teacher of Science
Chris Heyes Vice Principal
Danny Higham Lead Teacher PE
Tayba Hussain Teacher of Science
Andy Jones Teacher of Maths
Dave Jones Lead Teacher of Science
Sue Jones Head of ICT
Paul Kedian Teacher of Technology
Scott Lewis Assistant Vice Principal
Louise Losztyn Teacher of Drama
Laura Markendale SENCO
Sarah Mears Head of Maths
Phil Mellen Executive Principal
Laura Morris Head of PHSE & RE
Eamonn Murphy Head of Science
Amanda Naylor Teacher of Food Technology
Bogdan Negru EAL Support Teacher
Jack Norbury Teacher of English
Zoe Patrick Teacher of Music
Adrienne Pringle Teacher of Spanish
Aimee Ralphs Second in MFL
Christine Reid Head of English
Sarah Rooney Second in PEPA
Surinder Singh Teacher of ICT & Business
Shaun Swift Teacher of Science
Karen Walsh Vice Principal
Paula Watson Progress Leader Year 10 & Head of BEI
Christopher Willams Teacher of PE (RQT) Progress Leader Year 7
Shah Zaidi Second in Maths

Associate Staff

Staff Name Responsibility
Zahid Abbas Cover Supervisor
Christine Barber HR Advisor
Holly Bartholomew SEN TA
Sandra Burgess Food Technology & Science Technician
Stuart Cairns IT Technician
Nicola Coady Receptionist
Sally Combs SEN TA
Debra Cornick Early Help Worker
Tracy Crockford Learning Mentor
Joanne Day Assistant Progress Leader Y10
Kelsey Dean SEN T/A
Kathline George SEN T/A
Michael Grice Assistant Progress Leader Y7
Andrea Hartley Senior Pastoral Lead
Ruhule Haque SEN T/A
Bev Heagney Academic Mentor
Kath Hollywood Marketing & Community Lead
Evangeline Holmes Lead Learning Mentor
Karen Hopes Attendance Officer
Carole Hopkins Science Technician
Elaine Hughes Assistant Progress Leader Year 8
Javid Iqbal Cover Supervisor
Clare Jackson Admissions & Transition Officer (Part time)
Luiza Kaplanidis EAL Teaching Assistant
Nicola Matthews SEN T/A
Craig Milligan SEN T/A
Anne Molloy Reading Co-ordinator
Roxanne Mugambi SEN TA
Natasha Murphy Admin Support
Emma O’Sullivan Finance Officer
Zoe Patrick Admin Support (P/T)
Rheanna Pereira Progress Leader Year 7
Jackie Platt Assistant Progress Leader Year 8
Maggie Prescott Caseworker / DP for Safeguarding
Donna Rawlins Principal’s PA & Office Manager
Mike Roberts Pastoral Lead
Vickie Scholes Assistant Progress Leader Year 11
Christine Schora Education Welfare Officer
Martin Sellers ICT Technician
Mahadi Sharif SEN T/A
Maria Siddall EAL Teaching Assistant
Kyle Sykes Assistant SENCO
Lucy Thompson Admin Support (Part time)
Christine Wyatt Academic Mentor Year 11
Qamar Zaman SEN TA

Facility Staff

Staff Name Responsibility
Bambi Adekoyode Security Officer
Susan Allen Assistant Cook
Anne Arday Cleaner
Lynne Barton Cleaner
Sean Burke Cleaner
Ann Dimelow Kitchen – Unit Manager
Eli Ennis Security Officer
Deborah Frankland Catering Assistant
Nathan Gorman Caretaker
Elizabeth Gradwell Cleaner
Ann Hanna Catering Assistant
Janet Hisee Cleaner & Lunchtime Organiser
Jean Hurst Cleaner
John Paul Lea Cleaner
Claudia Marema Cleaner
Donna Marlow Catering Assistant
Bernadette McElroy Catering Assistant
Dorothy Meredith Lunchtime Assistant
Bernadette Perry Cleaner
Hazel Tiplady Assistant Cook
Paul Walsh Facilities Hub Manager