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Sahara is elected as a member of Manchester Youth Council
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26th March 2018

Sahara in Year 9 has always been a stand out star, she says what she feels no matter how it sounds so when Manchester Youth Council put a ‘call out for candidates’ she didn’t hesitate in applying. Spurred on by her favourite teacher, Miss Morris, she was keen to put together a manifesto and submit her application – here’s what she had to say….
I have always been keen on empowering young people and considering their opinions is a priority. I believe the youth of today can make a change in our society because we are aware of the benefits and comebacks of controversial issues and having frank discussions helps us make the right choices in life. I am keen to raise awareness on topics such as racism, war and hate crime which have impacted our ancestors and will continue unless something is done, I am passionate and will go to any extent for justice.
The opinions of young people are often ignored which is why I decided to stand as a candidate and make sure our views echo in the minds of society, government officials and those who see us as careless teenagers.
When Miss Morris spoke to me about Manchester Youth Council, I knew it was for committed and confident teenagers. I felt I had the skills but was hesitant to apply as I doubted my chances of success, my friends and family convinced me I had nothing to lose so I wrote a manifesto and filmed a video to support my application! Within it I spoke about Cedar Mount and the factors that contributed to my willingness to represent my generation in Manchester, I discussed my achievements at school and provided evidence of my leadership qualities.
Over the next few days I nervously checked my emails and was ecstatic to receive an invite to attend a political conference with YouthPoliticsUK. Whilst there I was observed giving opinions on the world we live in and what I’d like to see done. Later that week I received an email stating I had been chosen as a candidate and my hard work from the conference had “strengthened my chances of success.” I’m only 15 but when I opened the email I can honestly it was the best moment of my life to date.
To start the process I met other members of MYC and we elected our Members of Youth Parliament for 2018. The launch was a great experience and a chance to socialise and make friends with those who I’ll be working with. Our common aim is to provide young people in Manchester a voice, now my life is busy and made up of meeting every Monday to discuss and debate issues, plan projects and catch up as a group. I love it!
I want to thank Cedar Mount Academy for giving me chances and being a place where I feel happy, safe, comfortable and confident. Thank you to all the staff who helped me
to get to where I am today and my wonderful friends for their encouraging words and supporting me. Last but not least, thank you to Manchester Youth Council who
considered me worthy and deserving of this role, this life-changing experience will stay with me and empower not only youngsters, but me to be my best!