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Trip to Leeds University
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15th June 2018

A big thank you to Caroline from Year 9 who was keen to share her account of the recent trip to Leeds University. Hope you enjoy reading it.

On Thursday we went on a trip with Miss Morris, Miss Pereira and GM Higher staff to Leeds University. It was for the students who attend Miss Morris’ weekly film club. A few weeks ago we spoke to a real life Freedom Writer who talked to us about the importance of higher education and last week film club got the opportunity to observe university first hand.
In my opinion the trip was an extraordinary experience that will not be forgotten, in terms of the campus it was very spacious and had a variety of buildings with interesting subjects. We worked with the media department and were given the opportunity to make news programmes on the TV and radio.
I personally enjoyed the TV presenting session the most. It really gave me an insight into life at university,  everyone was so friendly and really supportive when we were practicing to be presenters & work behind the camera. I loved the tour of the campus it was interesting finding out about the student union and the different societies.
The trip validated my decision to work towards university although until this week I was unsure where I wanted to study, having visited Leeds it has made my mind up as to where I have want to study once I have completed my A Levels. A big thanks to Miss Morris, we had a great day out on what can only be described as a five star trip.