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Turning Tides – First in the Fight – Girls perform at Victoria Baths
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12th June 2018

The collaborative Humanities project with Enjoy Arts came to fruition last week and culminated in a sterling performance at Victoria Baths during half term. Since January students have been pooling their knowledge, skills and ideas and focused on writing and producing a play based on the battle for women’s suffrage  – ‘Turning Tides – First in the Fight’.
Girls from Cedar Mount and Newall Green perfected their singing, dancing and rapping technique and dedicated their half term break to ensure they gave the performance  of their lives, here’s what the girls who participated had to say;

‘The project has made me feel so proud of myself it has been inspiring to be part of women’s history.’ – Esohe Y10

‘I used to be shy but becoming involved has made me much more confident about speaking in public and given me the confidence to speak up in class. It’s made me passionate and proud to be a young woman in 2018.’ – Shanena Y10 

The girls performed to rave reviews and received a standing ovation – a big thanks to Clare, Ruth and Trixi from Enjoy Arts for giving the girls such a wonderful opportunity, we hope to continue the partnership and look forward to 2018/2019.

Well done to Esoho, Shanena, Mariam, Zahra and Chloe, you did us proud.